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ABOUT THIS ITEM: Set of 12 Worry Dolls

In the dolls' original Guatemalan tradition, a local legend about the origin of the Muñeca quitapena refers to a Mayan princess named Ixmucane. The princess received a special gift from the sun god which would allow her to solve any problem a human could worry about.

In traditional and modern times, Worry Dolls are given or lent to brooding and sorrowful children. They would tell their doll about their sorrows, fears and worries, then hide it under their pillow during the night. After this, the child will literally sleep over the whole thing. The next morning, all sorrows are said to have been taken away by the Worry Doll.

Today, Worry Dolls are sold in large quantities in Guatemala and Mexico. They are often sold on the street by nuns and children. The dolls make good souvenirs since they are so small and thus easy to carry around.

Best for children over the age of 6. Fun for adults, too!